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A Thoroughly Bad individual


Stan Flory, a beachcomber in Sarasota, Florida, was a successful corporate lawyer until his career derailed due to his best friend Bud Richter's bumbling foray into the real estate shenanigans that precipitated the Great Recession. When Stan reluctantly returns to the practice of law to defend Bud against a charge of patricide, he finds himself outgunned by the prosecution, disturbed by Bud's dark family secrets, and overwhelmed by the allure of Bud's mercurial wife. To save Bud's life, Stan must dig deep into his own legal, physical and moral strengths, and improvise an astonishing defense.

Mixing suspense, compassion, and dark humor, A THOROUGHLY BAD INDIVIDUAL is a story about how the scams of the Great Recession damaged the guilty and the innocent alike, and how unconditional loyalty to a flawed friend can both destroy and redeem. 


Doctored Evidence

In DOCTORED EVIDENCE, the first novel in the Karen Hayes mystery series, a medical device fails, and a patient dies on the operating table.  Was it an accident?  Or murder?  Only one person knows.

Investigating the alleged wrongful death of the hosptal's chief financial officer, hospital attorney Karen Hayes uncovers a betrayal of trust, both professional and personal, evidence of criminal fraud, and hints of corruption.  Now, her job and her life are on the line -- a line that a murderer is all too willing to cross...a second time.

"An engrossing, nicely paced tale, with credible and engaging characters."

--Publishers Weekly

Lawyered to Death


In LAWYERED TO DEATH, the second novel in the Karen Hayes mystery series, the CEO of a Midwest hospital begins an affair with a beautiful hospital receptionist, unaware that she and her husband are setting him up for an embarrassing and costly sexual harrassment claim.  Hospital attorney Karen Hayes is called upon to defend the CEO against the claim, but soon finds herself defending him against a murder charge as well.  LAWYERED TO DEATH is a story both of murder and of the corruption that masquerades as business savvy in many large organizations.

"Superbly written...gripping and suspenseful."

The Midwest Book Review     


Noah Baker is a young, smart corporate lawyer with a bright future and a dry sense of humor. One day a strange man from Noah's past appears in his office and tries to hire Noah to sue the CIA.  Before long, Noah is embroiled in a murder trial and fighting to stay afloat in a sea of troubles, his future threatened by dishonest lawyers, cynical cops, and the cold, hard grinding of the wheels of s0-called justice. Without warning, Noah finds himself clinging to his sanity and his freedom---for dear life.

For Dear Life combines tense courtroom drama with a clue-filled, can-you-solve-it murder mystery.

Seven Mile Bridge


In SEVEN MILE BRIDGE, middle-aged Florida dive shop owner Jonathan Bruckner has returned to his Wisconsin childhood home to search for clues to his father's death.  SEVEN MILE BRIDGE is a story about one man's obsession with the truth, and how much can depend on finding it.

"Because of the extraordinarily strong character development, you feel involved with the story and as obsessed with finding the solution as Jonathan....Biehl slowly peels the layers back one by one, coming full circle, finding the answer a few minutes from where we started. us a chance to take a breath...Well done."

The Florida Times-Union 

Nursing a Grudge

In NURSING A GRUDGE, the third novel in the Karen Hayes mystery series, an elderly nursing home resident, who was once an Olympic champion swimmer with a murky background in the German army, drowns in a lake behind the home.  Does anyone know how it happened?  Does anyone care?

Hospital attorney Karen Hayes does.  She battles bureaucracy, listens to the geriatric nursing home residents ignored by the authorities and risks her own life to uncover the truth.

"In Karen Hayes, Biehl has created a larger-than-life heroine deserving of several sequels."

The Mystery Review

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